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What is a password ?

A password is a sequence of characters (numbers, letters, special characters, punctuation marks, etc.) used in computing as a means of authentication to a service to which access is protected.

The password must be kept secret to prevent an unauthorized third party from accessing the resource or service. This is proof that we have and that we communicate to the service responsible for authorizing access.

What is a Password Generator ?

A site that generates strong, long and unique passwords (according to the chosen criteria) for free and randomly in order to considerably reduce the risk of hacking.

How to improve the strength of a password ?

  • arrow_forward A combination of all of the following characters: numbers, letters and special characters
  • arrow_forward The string must be at least 8 characters
  • arrow_forward Single use: one password per service should be used
  • arrow_forward With upper and lower case letters
  • arrow_forward Do not use your personal information or that of your relatives: Date of birth, surname, first name...

Where do I store my passwords ?

For more security, it is preferable not to write your password on a piece of paper or even in a file on your computer or smartphone but rather to use a password manager (Nordpass, LockPass, Google, Lastpass...).

However, the safest solution remains memorization.

Update your passwords ?

It is recommended that you update your passwords at regular intervals (about every 6 months). Particularly after any report of a violation or potential violation of the site.

Bad practice :

Use passwords of less than 8 characters or sequences of characters such as:

  • 123456
  • password
  • 123456789
  • qwerty
  • azerty

Remember never to share your passwords with third parties. You could be a victim of phishing.